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Why Alive?

Alive is created for us to be more social, to have more fun, to spend more time with our friends. In our fast faced, time crunched, highly stressful life, it's difficult to spend quality time with our friends. We are taking inconveniences of meeting friends out of your life so that you can create memorable moments together.

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How It Works


What would you like to do with friends? Pick something new according to your mood!


Going with friends? Book a cab. Going alone? You can also book a cab, just for you!


Invite your close friends to go out with. Go to a restaurant, do something exciting or just chill!


Go to places! Experience the fun! Break your routine and come back feeling refreshed!

Moments - Rewarding you AND your friends for spending time together!

Get free moments

Join the revolution! Get free moments once you join Alive

Your friends are rewarded as well

Your friends also get free moments when they join your gang on Alive

Invite friends to join Alive

Get more free moments when your friends join your gang on Alive

Redeem your moments

All accumulated moments can be redemmed when you book an outing on Alive